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Loan Facilities - HedgeWorth Microfinance Bank

Loan Facilities


These are range of facility and consumer products that are designed to provide customer’s access to cash based on a saving, investment, loyalty agreement within the CBN regulated limits and durations. For instance you want to a customer wants to finance an LPO, acquire new product for you store or even just extra cash to hold until pay day, you can choose from one of our specially designed products to ensure that such need(s) are easily met.

1. Micro Lease

At Hedgeworth Microfinance Bank LTD we are committed to support small and medium business succeed by turning business dreams into a reality. Micro-credit Account for artisan women, micro credit account for petty traders.

We have these products and more services specifically to suit the banking needs of Micro traders.

2. Consumer loans

An amount of money lent to an individual for personal, family, or household purposes. Consumer loans are monitored by government regulatory agencies (CBN) for their compliance with consumer protection regulations. At Hedgeworth MFB we provide adequate consumer or consumer lending services.

3. Group Lending

We specialize in supporting small and medium business by providing small and medium group of business combine/joint loan, actualizing the dreams of many into a reality. We have this of product specifically to suit the banking needs of many business groups.

4. Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) Financing

This involves the provision of short term finance to small and medium scale retail customers with annual turnover facility to carry out supply orders.

– LPO finance is subject to a maximum tenor of 120 days with the option of 60 days renewal after the expiry of the facility.
– Loan Amount does not exceed 70% of the supply order.
– Irrevocable Tripartite domiciliation of agreement in respect of Contract proceeds executed by beneficiary company, Hedgeworth and the employer company.

– The employing company must be on the Hedgeworth MFB list of Principals.

– Gives customers ability to carry out supply orders within a given time frame
– Gives customers access to working capital
– Supports business growth and expansion

5. Overdraft

This product is designed to provide a structured and controllable mechanism through which Hedgeworth MFB may provide overdraft to retail organisations with good turnover in all segments of the economy to finance working capital requirements of its business.

– Maximum amount is N20 million
– Maximum tenor of 12 months
– The Facility is limited to 30% of the last six (6) months turnover
– Collateral – Legal Mortgage over property in Hedgeworth acceptable Locations or Treasury Bills/Fixed Term Deposit

6. Salary Advance

– Availability of funds to bridge short-term personal funding.
– Access to salary in advance with a 90 – day tenor.
– Access 70% of your monthly net income upfront.
– 48 hours response time.
– Competitive Interest Rate.