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Daily Contribution (Esusu) - HedgeWorth Microfinance Bank

Daily Contribution (Esusu)

One of the key goals of Hedgeworth MFB is to establish a micro-credit initiative that addresses the problem of formal access to banking service (savings) by the lowest class level in the society, Micro businesses like medium and macro businesses also suffer unforeseen challenges such as fire incidents, loss of goods, seizure of goods, accidents, robbery, etc. yet informal sector is the engine of economic growth, an increasing driver of economic development.

Hedgeworth MFB provides both savings and loans through daily contributions of a fixed amount that can be progressively increased over time by individuals or groups.

These daily contributions held in trust by the Hedgeworth MFB provide a pool of available funds for loans to both contributors and non-contributors. Contributors have easier access to loans without interest while non-contributors must provide guarantors in addition to paying interest rates on loans.